Les Jumeaux de MASAO (Masao Masu)

Born in Tombel from an accountant father and a house wife, Benoit and Pierre Ndocko are the third born of a family of twelve children. Their mother was a singer of traditional rhythms, both crowned and profane.
Very early, she took the practice to take along its twins everywhere where she sang, in the church as well as village parties. But for the parents, only the school was a sure value for the future of their children. Then when arrived the holidays, the twins devoted themselves to their passions



The attraction of the songs and the night rhythms was too powerful, too much envoûtant, the ear of Ben and Peter could detect them by far. With thousand tricks the two accomplices ran to join the crowd of the children and adolescent fêtards of the surroundings. They sang and danced until very late in the night, grayed at the same time by the music and the moonlight.


Gradually the twins  had put themselves at the musical animation  of the festivals of young people, singing, playing of various  instruments, improvising. In the same time and in particular from 1972 to 1974, they illustrated themselves in the church choir of the  district, without forgetting the organization of young men parties.


When the arrived in Europe, the twins continued the organization of parties, one could say that Ben and Peter passed from festivals of Cameroonian choir to the European discotheques. In this night life, they acquired an incomparable enrichment. However all these rhythms from various origins, contributed to anchor more, the twins in the Esewe. This typically African kind, mix, rhythm, music, dance, rhythm and improvisation...constitute the roots of MASAO group.

Their role models: Francis Bebey, Manu Dibango, Eboa Lotin, Epée Mbendé, Richard, Féla, Franco, Myriam Makéba, Tchana Pierre, Anne-Marie Ndzié…